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Business Portfolio of Dalian RODE Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Dalian Rode Engineering Technology Co., Ltd was established in Jan 2005 as a long-term cooperative partner with Easy-Laser (Sweden), Taylor Hobson (Britain), Sokkia (Japan), Brunson (America), Spx (America), Klauke (Germany), Samin (Korea) and Cadwin (Korea), All Tech (Korea)., etc. The company has now gradually become a professional system integrator for geometric measurement, shipbuilding accuracy analysis and consulting, hull and outfitting design software development, welding robot systems in the shipbuilding and offshore industry for over 16 years.

At the beginning of the company's establishment in 2005, the company also has reached a cooperation with Germany MUBEA disc Spring Co., LTD and MUBEA Taicang Co., LTD. After 16 years of time, RODE has become a core competitive service platform of a number of manufacturers, distributors of technical support and rapid supply of logistics chain, and it provides cost-effective disc springs, seals, CNC driven tool systems, machine protection systems, other industrial components and engineering services for customers from various industries. 

The company has a sales department, technical department, service department and management department with 6 sales personnel, 4 technical personnel and 2 service personnel. 1 of them achieved Master degree, and the remaining ones achieved Bachelor degree or above. The company has a warehouse in Dalian, with the total inventory value of 3 million yuan. RODE also cooperates with express company so that the goods could be sent to all parts of the country in the shortest time and the after-sales work could be provided on time. Therefore, the company could meet diversified needs of customers. 

In addition, the company has the certification of ISO9001 quality system and software copyright. Also, it has Kingdee financial system, ERP cloud management system, MAXHUB phone and video conference system, independent website and email system. These systems allow all sales orders, purchase orders, goods in storage, goods out of storage, goods in-transit and rolling inventory calculation to be managed on an offline computer and online cloud. Thus, they can ensure the correct, efficient, timely, dynamic and emergent management requirements. 

With business development, the company set up a new company and a welding intelligent laboratory in Shanghai and Changsha in 2019 that cooperated with COSCO Kawasaki Co., LTD., Tangshan Kaiyuan Welding Co., LTD., Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., LTD., COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Group. in the technology update and scientific research. 

RODE will continue to adhere to the concept of "spread advanced technology, provide quality product and service", and cooperate with outstanding domestic and international enterprises with first-class product quality, reasonable price and qualified service to provide high-quality products and services for China shipbuilding and offshor industry, machinery manufacturing industry, scientific research institutions and the China Navy.

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